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Ideas to organize your wedding in the best European style

omething that characterizes European weddings , which enraptures brides and captivates Wedding Planners around the world is the elegance they still reflect in simplicity and simplicity.

With dreamy country environments , spectacular skies, meadows and floral arrangements of charm, these marriages jump from the magazines and today are a reality in South America.

Keeping green as the predominant tone in the ceremony , using flowers, signs and other details in this color, combining it with the white in the chairs and certain touches of the decoration , an ideal balance is achieved for rural marriages .

When celebrating your outdoor wedding you must take into account one very important factor: the weather. The best thing to do is to finish the summer when the heat is not too strong and end up suffocating the guests.

Even so, the most advisable thing is to have a “plan b” in case of rain, tents, umbrellas and other elements will help you to overcome any unforeseen event.

Certain elements such as jute, hay and wood give the rustic touch perfectly coupled with the country theme and open spaces.
Green as the main color of the decoration you can use it in its different tones and combinations to achieve a greater visual impact.

Looking to not overload the decoration and give freshness to your guests, they avoid the very high centerpieces being replaced by minimalist centerpiece in ceramic and glass bases so that they look more delicate and glamorous.

For being a country wedding , the rattan dishes will be the right ones to go on the table because they combine perfectly with this type of marriage. The golden tiffany chairs accompany the decoration to give the necessary balance to the color palette.

A wedding photography is full of magic at night and what better way to achieve it than through lighting that leaves everyone impressed. Using simple elements such as bottles in different colors and Christmas lights you can create an absolutely beautiful atmosphere.

Triathlon raises € 20,000 for charity

The Strong Peer Triathlon has raised 20,000 euros for charity. On and around the Gasthuisdreef, 1,300 sports enthusiasts took part in the triathlon last Saturday, an initiative of, among others, Marc Herremans. There were also 7,000 visitors present.

According to annual custom, a trio triathlon, a kids run and a 1/8 th triathlon were organized on Saturday. The proceeds of the event, 20,000 euros, go every year to charity, partly to To Walk Again, the organization of former top athlete Marc Herremans, but also to vzw Primavera, a facility that focuses on the guidance of adults with a mental disorder.


Ships of Sports and Recreation in Hoogstraten, Roger Van Aperen (65), ventured with his son-in-law and granddaughter to the trio triathlon. Son-in-law Olivier (38) took the 375 meters of swimming and gave the wristband to Roger, who cycled 20 kilometers.

“I regularly cycle. A few weeks ago I cycled twice 100 kilometers with a regular bike and this week I cycled to Scherpenheuvel, about 63 kilometers. We do not participate to win, but out of sympathy for the good cause. “Afterwards, he passed his wristband to his granddaughter, who is barely 9 years old. She walked 5 kilometers.

The triathlon was closed in style with an afterparty from Barking Bruce, winner of The Clash of the Coverbands in 2014, Lazy Jay and the house DJ Jurgen H from dj melbourne.

5 movies that are not triathlon but any triathlete should see

Few pleasures so cheap has a triathlete when you are not training like watching triathlon videos : nothing like sitting in front of the computer and start looking for videos of our favorite free movies website. That if the summary of Kona 2015, that if the best triathlon sprints , that if career technique …

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Well today we come with an article that allows you to combine your taste for triathlon with sitting on the couch with your family and watching TV together. How? Well, watching movies that are not triathlon, will allow you to remember moments of your last competition, or your entry into the ironman you did last year, or any training in which you have spent theta, and in the meantime your partner And your kids (when the time comes) will enjoy a movie in conditions.

Do not complain, eh, whatever ideas we give …


Photo: Warner Bros Media

A movie2k movie that seems to talk about sports, but not. Or vice versa. Completely inspirational film: Nelson Mandela saw in rugby the best way to change the life, history and future of South Africa. And what can a triathlete see in a movie like this? For the eagerness to overcome, the union of a group, and how success is achieved. Move that to a test: you start, you fight, you fight, you overcome swimming, then you bike, and little by little you start to see, in the distance, the goal after the race on foot. Like the South African springboks overcoming each of the qualifiers: sometimes easy, sometimes very complicated.

Sarah prefers to run

The ideal film for you to watch a Saturday afternoon after eating. It tells the story of a young woman who moves from Quebec to Montreal (Canada) with her partner, to join the team of athletics at McGill University. Life in the big city complicates the life of the protagonist, and her passion for sports begins to affect their relationship.

From there, the film tells the decisions that the protagonist has to take. Does it ring you? How do you take that decision to make the most premium in your life? Being a little longer with your family, or a training you have to do because yes? Oh, friend, how difficult is sometimes the life of the triathlete …


This movie has to be in any list that seeks to motivate. And that is that Ridley Scott (which is not that two brands of bicycles have been merged) is a movie that excites you and makes your hair as steep. And there is a goal, which the protagonist wants to achieve, and although all the circumstances are against him, he overlaps and [spoilers] ends up reaching him …

Little more must be said of Gladiator. Rare it would seem that someone had not seen it …


Photo: Dreamworks Media

Yes, whats up? A cartoon movie. Come on, you will not stand in front of your children.

And you can dream, like the snail in the movie, you win the Ironman World Championship, or the Roth Challenge and everyone around you applauds you, and they crown you like Jan Frodeno and you get a bottle of champagne for You celebrate it and you leave on the cover of the Mark in a small hole on the right, just below the photo of Sergio Ramos talking about the next game against Eibar …

Let the hand raise the one who has not dreamed something like that ever. Man for God …

Million Dollar Baby

Photo: Filmax Media

Clint Eastwood’s second film from this listing. And we’ll just say one thing: Do you have a dream? Then chase it, pussy.

Control of entrances and video vigilance in Stadiums of Athletes

Very few events, only some sporadically recordable, have the quality to generate illusion as does athletes. That is why arises the need to plan a good security system.

The main threats in a stadium are the fear of a terrorist attack with the consequent social impact and behavior of violent fans.
Priorities should be prevention, detecting and intercepting any suspect who wants to participate in terrorist acts or violence.

Among the most demanded systems we find:

According to the legislation in force, specific clauses are specified for public shows and recreational activities:

  1. Royal Decree 2816/1982 , of August 27, approving the General Regulation of Police of Public Shows and Recreational Activities. This Regulation establishes that these premises must draw up an emergency plan and have a self-protection organization to ensure, with the proper means available, the prevention of accidents and immediate intervention in the control of them.

  2. Royal Decree 769/1993 , of 21 May, which approves the Regulation for the prevention of violence in Sports Shows.

This Regulation establishes that sports clubs and societies are obliged to provide an adequate professional preparation to the fixed and contracted personnel, to ensure the safety and normal development of a sporting event by means of courses that will be scheduled for that purpose.
They should also organize emergency drills, with vacated premises, in collaboration with those responsible for the Security Forces and Bodies, in which the personnel must participate in order to acquire the necessary technical experience.

This Saturday, race AMANC 5 and 3K

This Saturday, October 3 will be held the fifth Edition of the Race AMANC Veracruz 5 and 3 K scheduled at 18:00 hours in Boca del Rio waiting for the participation of more than 2,500 runners.

This event to benefit the Mexican Association of Children with Cancer AC, contemplates a walk of 3 kilometers so that more people can be part of it.

The exit and goal is marked at the monument to the Values ​​in Boca del Rio.

Registration is $ 250 and can be made at Sweet Papaya or Innovasport, the amount will go directly to AMANC, which currently serves 117 children with cancer.

“In this race we see the support, it is a family event, it is a race where we show many values, we show that many people continue to help good causes. The children will be present watching who runs for them and it means a very important encouragement in the fight against the disease “, said Mariana Latapí, president of AMANC Veracruz.

The AMANC race will give all participants a commemorative t-shirt, finalist medal, souvenirs of the sponsors, pass to a photo booth sydney when crossing the finish line, hydration, etc.

The diet to improve in triathlon: top food

In triathlon nutrition is one of the keys to success. A triathlete can spoil a year’s training by improper feeding. If you want to succeed in such a complete sport and Pastillas para Bajar de Peso Rapido
, you must learn to eat well, become a food specialist, recipes and keep abreast of university research results. Turn the food into a “healthy obsession” and you will see as improvements, you have better health and enjoy the good table.

In triathlon all the main muscles work, it is one of the sports that more power the muscular balance between the upper and lower part of the body, so to train and compete you not only need to consume enough energy to ensure that the muscles have fuel Extra and high quality, you also need a perfect hydration, and a good contribution of all the essential nutrients: carbohydrates, proteins and fats without forgetting the vitamins and minerals. Most triathletes are left in the first part of sports nutrition that are carbohydrates and their basic diet is pasta, sticks and energy drinks.

If you are already an athlete, surely you do not want to be bored with the basics of hydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals, etc. That’s why here are the 15 golden rules that must govern in the kitchen of a heart triathlete.

. You will moisturize properly every day.
It seems obvious but if water is essential for life, for the triathlete is even more important, and I do not mean pool water, but a correct hydration that not only depends on tap water. The more you train more sweat to cool the body and more water and salts lose with sweat, that is why you weigh less after training, and if you also train in neoprene suit, you will have personally verified how you lose more liquids and even a size after training Of swimming. The key to maintaining the rhythm and lowering the marks is a good hydration, not only water, also water with salts and even some vitamins that are lost when sweating in small quantities. How to get it? You know that you should drink about 2 liters of water a day, More if it is very hot or you sweat a lot during training, but you should also try to get camouflaged water in foods like fruits and vegetables, either natural or cooked, in juices, soups and creams. As for drinks, forget about sugary soft drinks and invest in drinks designed for hydration, which provide you with water with mineral salts and other substances like glycerol if you are going to do a triathlon in conditions of excessive heat and humidity.

2. You will discover that there is more than just pasta in the kitchen.
Carbohydrates are the basis of triathlon food, but not only in pasta, pasta is a derivative of wheat that has been processed and along the way has been losing vitamins and minerals to be reduced to the most basic , Take care of yourself a little more and get carbohydrates of slow assimilation with other foods more natural and easy to get, to cook and to digest. How to get it? There are foods rich in carbohydrates that are much more nutritious than pasta and that you should combine to vary your daily food, one of the best is rice, preferably whole, which provides more fiber, vitamins and minerals than white rice, Potatoes cooked with skin, which are a natural and unprocessed food, corn, Legumes such as soybeans, beans, lentils and chickpeas that mix hydrates with fiber and proteins and are very rich in vitamins and minerals and other unknown cereals such as quinoa and amaranth that also provide vegetable proteins along with phytochemicals that help you maintain health .
3. You will devote time to cook.
The longer you train, the less time you have to cook, and yet it is when you most need to eat well. Triathletes can not live eating sticks and energy drinks all day, you have to eat natural and homemade food for a varied and complete diet. If you have a training plan for triathlon you should also have a specific weekly feeding plan that forces you to take good care of the quality of food. How to get it? If you organize well you will not waste time in the kitchen, you have to make a weekly purchase, you can even do it on the Internet to save time, and invest in a quick pot to make vegetable dishes with vegetables, potatoes cooked with skin, rice Wholemeal, cooked vegetables, soups and whatever you can think of. If you make family quantities, just divide and save in small containers in the refrigerator or freezer to organize the menu of the week gaining time and health. The fruit should be your great ally, it has the advantage that you can take a piece to any place, it gives you hydrates, water, vitamins and minerals and changes every season so you do not get bored eating it. And invest in a quick pot to make vegetable dishes with vegetables, potatoes cooked with skin, brown rice, cooked vegetables, soups and whatever you can think of. If you make family quantities, just divide and save in small containers in the refrigerator or freezer to organize the menu of the week gaining time and health. The fruit should be your great ally, it has the advantage that you can take a piece to any place, it gives you hydrates, water, vitamins and minerals and changes every season so you do not get bored eating it. And invest in a quick pot to make vegetable dishes with vegetables, potatoes cooked with skin, brown rice, cooked vegetables, soups and whatever you can think of. If you make family quantities, just divide and save in small containers in the refrigerator or freezer to organize the menu of the week gaining time and health. The fruit should be your great ally, it has the advantage that you can take a piece to any place, it gives you hydrates, water, vitamins and minerals and changes every season so you do not get bored eating it. Just divide and store in small containers in the fridge or freezer to organize the menu of the week gaining time and health. The fruit should be your great ally, it has the advantage that you can take a piece to any place, it gives you hydrates, water, vitamins and minerals and changes every season so you do not get bored eating it. Just divide and store in small containers in the fridge or freezer to organize the menu of the week gaining time and health. The fruit should be your great ally, it has the advantage that you can take a piece to any place, it gives you hydrates, water, vitamins and minerals and changes every season so you do not get bored eating it.

The school presented here is very special because the teaching given there is unique in the world.

This school is the guardian of a tradition of know-how typical of the city of Liège and its tradition armourier.
Today, we are talking about school clusters, the abolition of “unprofitable” sections and the reasoning in terms of both education and economy.
It is a wrong, and we must give back to teachers and teachers their nobility.

The Léon Mignon School deserves its place and must, as well as prestigious companies, be classified as cultural and intangible heritage of the French Community.

In 1897, the school was founded on the initiative of the Union of Manufacturers of Arms and with the assistance of the Government, the Province and the City of Liège. The Arms Manufacturers’ Union will later give birth to the National Factory

The creation of a gunsmithing schools of armory made it possible for the gunsmiths to have a skilled workforce who immediately found a job after leaving school .
It was a time when the FN employed thousands of workers and many subcontractor workshops worked in the armory sector.

The name Léon Mignon was attributed to the school, in tribute to one of the most Great sculptor of the 19th century who realized among others the famous Toré, symbol of the students of Liège.
Originally known as an armory school, it was designed to teach students the knowledge they need to become good gunsmiths.

Progressively, the school decides to add sections of fine mechanics (machine tools, fitting), applied arts (engraving, jewelery) and watchmaking.

Unfortunately, watchmaking disappeared from the curriculum today.
It is a loss of irreparable cultural and immaterial heritage.

The engraving was for its part naturally integrated since it completed, with a superb graphic representation, a weapon of luxury.
The technique of engraving with the hammer and chisel is typical of the Liège school.
Jewelery allows students to handle metals, precious or otherwise, and many complete their training by engraving.

The fine mechanics allow the school to obtain on-site the tools necessary for the manufacture of weapons or useful for the engravers and jewelers.
This lesser-known section certainly deserves the detour since students are highly skilled on their powerful machines that shape metals and it is necessary to see with what application they are proud to show their know-how.

The very diversity of the teaching provided makes the school unique in Europe and its reputation goes beyond our borders, since it has welcomed and continues to include many French students, as well as Italians, Canadians, South Africans , Japanese, etc.

In 1984, in order to meet the standards imposed by the State, the city decided to merge the Municipal Institute of Leather and Clothing Industries with the ICET of fine mechanical, armouring and watchmaking.
The new entity is known as the “Institut Communale d’Enseignement Technique Léon Mignon”

Since 1997, the school, within the CES “Léon Mignon”, has kept four sections: armory, fine mechanics, engraving and jewelery.

The quality of the education given there ensures young graduates to get a job in a company or as an independent.

The section of armory ,
the best known of our school, the one that gave it its name for over 100 years, each year attracts a large number of students, which since the late 70’s a majority of French, all Passionate about hunting and sporting weapons. The armory is considered as a craft, preferring manual skill and technical mastery.
Three years, from the fourth to the sixth, are required to obtain a professional qualification in the armory, but most of the students do a 7th year of further training which also allows them to obtain the CESS.

For nearly a century the section of etching-chasing
form of popular artisans – and therefore highly paid – for their rarity and excellence, especially with regard to the decoration of hunting weapons.
Combined with jewelery and armory, it respects the tradition of weapon engraving, but also opens up to the latest techniques of the computer-controlled engraving machine.
Two years are required to obtain the certificate of qualification; However, many students studied engraving from the 3rd and advanced in grade 7, thus obtaining the CESS.

The jewelery section ,
which combines creativity and respect for the tradition of the metal and fire arts, is open to all who want to practice the taste of beauty and precision.
The apprenticeship of jewelery can be done in two years, but for the youngest it is possible to start in the 3rd year and to go to the 7th professional, thus obtaining a CESS.
Many graduates of secondary education or even higher education attend this training, which gives them access to a very interesting profession.

Section of tools and fine mécaniqu e
remains despite our efforts the most misunderstood of our school.
It is, however, indispensable to all the others and is the one that makes it possible, at the end of the 6th year, to obtain the most easily and quickly the most valuable and well-paid employment, because companies urgently need skilled young people in fine Mechanical, capable of adaptation and autonomy in their work.
Our school has of course the modern equipment (CNC machines and computer controlled) and the highly qualified teachers to ensure this training.
We advise young people to start their studies in the third year of secondary school, in order to acquire mastery of machines and mathematical and technical skills.

List of kayaks and basic features

The present list of the best tandem kayak aims to be a quick guide for the user to have knowledge of the current offer in the Argentine Republic.

The data expressed were taken from the respective websites of manufacturers, official distributors, importers and / or on-line trade catalogs. It is public knowledge that in the same there are variations, especially as regards the carrying capacity of this type of kayaks in reality, sailing; Against the declared by its corresponding manufacturers. Be cautious and in case of any doubts consult in the forum of the site that we will try to advise you on which option is the one that best suits the practice that you intend to develop.

Trident 15

Brand: Ocean Kayak / Model: Trident 15 / Length: 4.80 mts. / Sleeve: 0.737 mts. / Strut: n / a / Weight: 27 kgs. / Maximum load: 250 kg. / Crew: 1

Comments: The kayak used in the USA by most “heavy” fishermen. Supports large paddles. Good stability for fishing action. Excellent ergonomic solutions. It allows storage of rods in the interior and has ample front sealed drum. Excellent, excellent secondary stability. Needs rudder to facilitate navigation with cross winds. Not suitable for beginners. High price.


Trident 13 orange jpg

Brand: Ocean Kayak / Model: Trident 13 / Length: 4.10 mts. / Sleeve: 0.749 mts. / Strut: n / a / Weight: 30 kg. Approx / Maximum load: 215 kg. / Crew: 1

Coemntarios: The best fishing kayak in the world. Used in USA, Europe, Australia, Canada and available in Argentina. The best solutions in terms of ergonomics. Excellent length-sleeve ratio. Angler version close to 30 kilos of weight. Very sailor and stable. Central tambour that allows retention of reeds in the interior. Electronics and imbornal compartment designed for echo sounder transducer housing. Internal space for battery. Adjustable pedals. Very fast. High price.


Trident 11 1

Brand: Ocean Kayak / Model: Trident 11 / Length: 3.50 mts. / Sleeve: 0.775 mts. / Strut: n / a / Weight: 24.5 kgs. / Maximum load: 181 kg / Crew: 1

Comments: The “younger brother” of the Trident 13. Central compartment for cane guard. Acceptable speed. Sailor. Good choice for light paddlers or who want lower weight out of the water. Very stable.


Tetra 10

Brand: Ocean Kayak / Model: Tetra 10 / Length: 3.25 mts. / Sleeve: 0.75 mts. / Strut: n / a / Weight: 23 kgs. / Maximum load: 125 kg. / Crew: 1

Comments: Alternative to the Trident series. Little length and good mango. Sailor and stable. Lightweight. Center and front drum. High price compared to other national options.


Tetra 12

Brand: Ocean Kayak / Model: Tetra 12 / Length: 3.68 mts. / Sleeve: 0.71 mts. / Strut: n / a / Weight: 25 kgs. / Maximum load: 158 kg. / Crew: 1

Comments: Very suitable for fishing or recreation. Excellent ralción “length-sleeve”. High price but without direct competition in its segment.


Scrambler xt

Brand: Ocean Kayak / Model: Scrambler XT / Length: 3.70 mts / Sleeve: 0.74 mts./ Strut: n / a / Weight: 23 kgs. / Maximum load: 140 kg. / Crew: 1

Comments: Redesign of the Ocean Scrambler XT from the beginning of the year 2000. Good speed and stability. Front drum and built-in posañas. Outstanding materials and terminations. Good relationship “price – product”. Suitable for fishing.



Brand: Ocean Kayak / Model: Caper / Length: 3.30 mts. / Sleeve: 0.78 mts. / Strut: n / a / Weight: 20 kgs. / Maximum load: 147 kg. / Crew: 1

Comments: Very suitable for light paddles. Surfer. Front drum and built-in posañas. Modern design very oriented to the recreation.



Brand: Ocean Kayak / Model: Torque / Length: 4.20 mts. / Sleeve: 0.737 mts. / Strut: n / a / Weight: 39 kgs. (With motor) – 32 kgs. (Without motor) / Load / Maximum: 215 kgs. / Crew: 1

Comments: It is a Trident 13 with built-in electric motor. The solution to use it with a motor is unique. Use with rudder is recommended. Possibility of removing the motor without losing watertightness. Stable helmet and sailor.


Malibu two xl_tn

Brand: Ocean Kayak / Model: Malibu Two XL / Length: 4.10 mts./ Sleeve: 0.864 mts./ Strut: n / a / Weight: 27.70 kgs. / Maximum load: 230 kg. / Crew: 2/1

Comments: The best selling double kayak in the world. Good load capacity. Accepts navigation in single or double. Accepts sealed and posacañas tambuchos. Exclente design oriented to recreation and / or fishing. High price in relation to national options.


WILDERNES SYSTEMS – USA – for sale at Arg. 

Tarpon 120 1_tn

Brand: Wilderness Systems / Model: Tarpon 120 / Length: 3.73 mts. / Sleeve: 0.76 mts. / Strut: n / a / Weight: 29 kgs. / Maximum load: 159 kg / Crew: 1

Comments: Best fishing kayak according to Kayak Fishing Magazine 2010. Fast, stable within its segment. Front drum of good capacity. Excellent terminations and ergonomic solutions. Polished helmet. Accepts rotating posts and brings inlaid post. High value against similar national options. Excellent material quality.


Tarpon 140 1

Brand: Wilderness Systems / Model: Tarpon 140 / Length: 4.27 mts. / Sleeve: 0.71 mts. / Strut: n / a / Weight: 35 kgs. / Maximum load: 170 kg / Crew: 1

Comments: Trident 13 and Malibu X13 competition. Not suitable for beginners. Little stability in primary and secondary. Very round helmet. Excellent finishes, materials and ergonomic solutions. The best seat of the segment. Position of paleo somewhat elevated. Very low profile. Adjustable pedals, accepts rotating backposts.


DAG KAYAK – France – for sale in Arg. 

Dag midway 2

Brand: D AG Kayaks / Model: Midway / Length: 4.40 mts. / Sleeve: 0.65 mts. / Strut: 0.65 mts. Weight: 23 kg. / Maximum load: 250 kg. / Crew: 1

Comments: A kayak of crossing in autovaciable design. High speed. Accepts medium to light paddles. Not suitable for prioncipiantes. Excellent hull design, little primary stability. The 250 kgs declared by the manufacturer far exceeds the capacity it actually supports. It can be used for fishing, but its purpose is medium-distance traversals.

Hot In 2014 European Vanities Inspired Bathroom

European bath toilets are becoming increasingly popular in the states. These toilets are typically thin, using a lighter colored paddle to influence the surrounding space in a way that promotes depth.

If you have relocated Europe from what you are looking for to capture the authentic European aesthetic, these are some of my best options to help you find the perfect European vanity for your main bathroom.

Trade winds specializes in luxury bathroom vanities. Learn more about European Style Bathroom Decorating, you can read this publication that goes into more detail about the features and qualities of European spaces.

Top 10 European Vanities

1. Avesta double washbasin

The Avesta Double sink has a minimalist façade that is soft and well defined. The rounded edges make this invitation dressing and well-fitting for any European bathroom. An integrated design sink provides an aerodynamic effect that reduces water splashes. $ 750.00.

2. Roselle only bathroom Vanity

The Roselle dresser has all the right curves in all the right places. This floating vanity has a magnificent walnut finish that is somewhat characteristic of European wet rooms, but light enough to allow an attractive finish. $ 1,149.00.

3. Kiruma Double Handwash

It may not be apparent from the pictures, but the Kiruma actually has a finished texture that looks and feels like natural wood grains. The Kiruma is wrapped in an elegant gray oak finish that blends modern Euro styles. $ 1,145.00.

4. European style Humboldt Double White Vanity

This vanity has a thinner structure that is made to accommodate European designs that are typically long and narrow. You still have fully functional double plate drawers for extra storage. Undermounted sinks leaned in the front to allow adequate space to wash hands in the morning. $ 1,400.70.

5. Moscony Double Handwash

The Moscony is a full-size dresser with brushed-width handles that are a staple in European bathroom design. A delicate quartz worktop completes the solid wood construction of this model. $ 2,179.00.

6. Individual Vanity Vessel Sink Crystal Glass

The Fresca Cristallino single-wall mounted sink is almost a basin mounted on the wall. This is ideal for small bathrooms in Europe as it takes up very little space and has a very modern look. $ 399.00.

7. Boden only bathroom Vanity

The Boden dresser has an ash gray finish with a striking black basin. This makes cleaning and maintenance easier as small marks will not be as visible as the standard white sockets. This unit is available with an optional clothes closet that can be seated on the floor or wall. $ 599.00.

8. Vita single bathroom Vanity

The Vita individual vanity bathroom features a classic black and white design that is timeless and elegant. The area under the basin is coated with a white finish to provide a handsome look. $ 1,149.00.

9. 42.5- Wicklow European-style white bathroom vanity

The Wicklow dresser was envisioned for people with European sensibilities. An elegant and simple construction is completed with an opulent marble bar. $ 920.00.

10. 23.5- Livello only bathroom Vanity

The Livello dresser has a striking appearance that makes use of acrylic materials. The acrylic is easy to clean and very durable making it perfect for changing bathroom environments. $ 999.00.

About the Author
Cheryl Khan is a designer who is passionate about home decor, artwork and design. She is always up for a good conversation and a couple of martinis on a Saturday night.

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When you walk into a designer bathroom, there is no doubt that this is not your operation of the bathroom remodeling project. There is something in the way the room flows, the unique decor that is used, and the small details that changes everything around the room.

Expert advice to make a small bathroom look bigger than the first big part is not always better. The design of a small bathroom does not feel desperate and trapped. In fact, it’s something to be thrilled about!

Valbuena hosts 21st triathlon to promote wine as a food compatible with healthy habits

The Valladolid town of Valbuena de Duero will host this Saturday, September 21, its IV Triathlon Bodegas de Valbuena and San Bernardo ‘, which will also host the regional championship for children and cadet categories.

According to Europa Press reported sources of the Provincial Council, which was presented Wednesday the initiative, the meeting is organized by the Federation Triathlon Castilla y Leon and the city of Valbuena de Duero .

The aim of this triathlon is ” to promote wine as food and responsible consumption compatible with healthy habits” such as “all those linked to sport”. Likewise, it seeks to “boost the reality of the municipality” and “promote the resources, services and values of our people and their environment.”

Bodegas Baden Numen, Bodegas Lleiroso, Bodegas Monte Baco, Bodegas Pagos de Mogar, Bodegas Valdebodega, Grupo Matarromera and Vitivinícola de Valbuena-Tinto Carme also participate in the meeting.

The program for Saturday starts at 12.00 with child duathlon , while at 15.00 will proceed to the delivery of numbers for triathlon. The competition will begin at 4.30 pm, while two hours later trophies will be handed out to the winners.

The defined paths lead through enclaves characterized by “spectacular beauty” derived from its uniqueness, as in the case of ‘La Isla’ Valbuena de Duero, Ribera del Duero River as it passes through that municipality, the path del Duero or Some of the most important vineyards in the area, according to the same sources.

This program will be complemented by the gastronomic offer of tapas, tapas, menus and snacks promoted by the local bars, who also collaborate in the organization of the event, along with other entities in the area such as Diputación de Valladolid,

Both participants and those who come to see the test, you can enjoy complementary activities to it, as well as proposals that offer various tourist resources of the area, like Valbuena Abbey in San Bernardo; The church of Nuestra Señora del Castillo, in Valbuena de Duero and Seattle; The gastronomic offer in the Bars-Restaurants; A guided visit to wineries with tasting; Charming accommodations; A visit to the Interpretation Center Emina Vitivinícola, and natural routes that make up the so-called ‘Ring of the Duero’.

Interview with Alfonso Sainz de Baranda by GoCardLess in Europe

1. What is GoCardless?

GoCardless is a British startup that was born with the intention of simplifying recurring charges and making online bank statements easily and automatically.

Our objective is to create a global network of Banking Domiciliation, making it easy for anyone to carry out direct debits from different parts of the world.

We currently operate in the United Kingdom with BACS, the Eurozone through SEPA and in Sweden with Autogiro processing more than 1.7 billion euros per year from more than 20,000 customers in Europe. In Spain, our portfolio is made up of more than 130 clients.

2. How did the idea come about?

Hiroki Takeuchi, Tom Blomfield and Matt Robinson, the founders of GoCardless, were chosen by US accelerator Y Combinator to develop a group payment management project. During the incubation period they realized that this model was difficult to monetize and decided to change the focus by entering the world of direct debit, where part of the process is very manual, in order to find some solution that would help automate the process. This is how GoCardless was born in 2011.

3. How are administration tasks facilitated?

The traditional direct debit is a very manual collection system, with the sending of remittances and the management of collections done in Excel or in accounting programs. This means an average of 25 hours a month of work for a company with about 500 charges a month and what we have done in GoCardless is to fully automate the process so that companies save themselves 24 hours a month on average.

We cover the whole process of direct debit from the signing of the SEPA mandate to the management of unpaid debts and among our advantages are:

  • The company will only need the customer to sign the SEPA mandate online. At that time, you can make collections in your bank account and the funds collected will be received directly by the company within 3-4 business days.

  • The process is done automatically through the platform, which tracks and reconciles payments. In addition, the control panel offers real-time information of all charges and customers.

  • There are no hiring fees or hidden fees. The company pays 1% for each transaction, up to a limit of 2 euros, or a small fee per transaction in case of large volumes of business.

  • GoCardless integrates completely into different accounting software, such as Debitoor, Billin, Xero accounting and xero bookkeeping or Sage.

4. How are invoices that have expired?

Our control panel offers real-time information on all charges and customers, allowing you to monitor your status at any time. Charges that have not been successfully completed are indicated in red and the application allows to re-issue the order.

5. Does automation involve less direct relationship with the end user?

The automation of a system as manual as the direct debit is a savings in time and money, not a loss of contact with the customer since what is achieved is to optimize the way of working.

In addition, from GoCardless we are at your complete disposal 24 hours a day 7 days a week to solve any doubt or problem you may have.

6. Tell us about the technology stack of GoCardless: programming language, database and integrations with other platforms.

We use mainly Ruby on rails and Angular JS for the service of collections. In addition, we use Python for the Database and Go for the platform. Besides, we have libraries of our API in PHP, Python, Ruby and others.

Respcto integrated services, we use Zendesk, Tableau, Slack, Google Analytics and more you can find in Stackshare .

7. What has been the most important technological challenge you have encountered so far?

The biggest technological challenge is to be able to abstract all banking complexity and show it to the customer in a way that is simple to use and understand.

It is necessary to understand that the direct debit is a very old system, that aside from a homogenization in 2014 when SEPA arrived, it continues being based on the same concepts and systems of 50 years ago.

This adds tremendous complexity when it comes to showing customers the status of their charges, especially when something goes wrong.

For example, when a charge fails TM02 in error, the target bank of the customer is rejecting a charge for indeterminate reasons. GoCardless does not have access to the real reason and only the customer bank has the answer. However, many times the error comes from an automated system and not even the bank has the answer.

Managing these uncertainties and solving them for our clients is one of the biggest challenges, and one of the most satisfying.

8. How is remote work organized?

GoCardless has a very extensive remote working policy. Any employee can work from home or from another location, although people normally work from our London office.

My case, as Country Manager of Spain is very different since almost all my time I spent in Spain. At first, communicating with the London team was a challenge, and we did not lack tools. We had Hangaouts, Slack and periodic meetings but it did not work well.

Until we discovered that it was a problem of processes, not of tools. Now, by default, every meeting we create with Google Calendar has a Hangouts Chat associated with it, so that’s the default if someone wants to join the meeting from outside the office.

9. Tell us about platform security

GoCardless is a payment method entity regulated by the FCA of the United Kingdom and therefore with a passport to act throughout the European Union. In order to prevent a possible “hard” Brexit, we are also working to obtain payment medium license in other European countries.

We are a recognized means of payment, we move more than 1,500 million pounds in transactions, we grow very fast and we have invested some of the most reputed funds in the world, such as Balderton, Notion, YCombinator, Passion Capital and many others.

10. What are the next development milestones?

Now the focus of the company is on improving our product for SEPA; Make it faster, with better functionalities and with the ability to serve all types of customers.

On the other hand, we are giving a big push to the Partnerships and our API Oauth.

Thank you very much for the interview and we hope that the project continues to grow.

Buy the best Steam Mop Guide 2017!

For weeks I was researching what the best steam mop to buy the market in the Amazon store and take me several surprises. The first thing I want to tell you that in recent years private studies revealed that steam cleaning is the fastest and most effective way to clean any home and will be something new throughout 2016. It not only helps to clean much faster but also Is incredibly effective when disinfecting the whistles avoiding any type of pests or insects in those complicated places where we pass the wet rags.

Increased mop steam in sales is incredible, almost nearly half of the population of Spain is beginning to use this type of appliances in their homes because they generate great confidence. At present there is a large number of vacuum cleaners of different brands and as always we are going to propose an easy way to choose the best product of all so that they can achieve a satisfactory purchase at Amazon using discount codes and taking advantage of the offers that this Platform provides with its customers.

What we have done is a complete guide to the best steam mop of 2016 to help them buy the cheapest in terms of quality and price based on the opinions of other buyers to avoid any problems with the product.

Tips for choosing the best steam mop vacuum cleaner

In this guide one of the main features you have to take into account is the power of the product and determine which used life you have. There are different types of reliable brands of vacuum cleaners but in many cases it is difficult to choose the most reliable since we have to know which is the ideal to effectively remove the dirt that is in our house like stains on the floor or heads in difficult places To arrive So to achieve this and save work when cleaning our homes the power and pressure of the product is critical.

The majority of the mopas the electric power that they work go from 800 to 1900 W, osea that pressure exerted by the steam achieve to reach between 4 and 7 bar, this means that the 4 bar is the habitual average that they work. In addition the temperature is also part of a fundamental role of the characteristics since they usually reach between 120 to 160 ° C degrees, this results in a great cleaning power. To know for example in private hospitals in Europe steam cleaners are used because they clean any bacteria killing up to 99% effective, something surprising.

Another thing I love about these devices is that often control the pressure removing fungi and mites, ideal for those children with respiratory problems such as asthma . They suppress dust and bacteria very quickly.

One of the recommendations that we will give them is that the mop must have a steam control , this is because it is always necessary to use the maximum power. We can play a difficult day, for example a birthday ends and we have to clean our whole house, what better than having this type of vacuum cleaner as it will save us time and money because we are only going to use this product without any liquid anymore .

How to use a steam mop

To use a steam steamer
To use a steam cleaner is very easy to use, most have a bad use but really want to say it’s a no – brainer, if they have to consider things like the storage location or energy that place, This we talked about in power.
The easiest way to use them is to carry the inner tank, connect them to the energy and wait for it to start making steam, just like an iron but a little bigger.

These steam brooms have a really long power cable so you do not have problems with the wall outlet, in addition there are already products that are electric to avoid such problems. The cable length range from 7 to 15 meters depending on the brand they buy collected, so they will not have problems having loose cables everywhere and have the dog wear them or play with them.
The opinions of the switches because we were watching in the Amazon store do not generate problems of any kind, they save energy, so they will not have problems with the bills of light. They turn on and off with a switch on the top front, where the hand rests for proper cleaning .

It also has a head that are rotating and triangular, always depending on the size of them to reach any part of your living or kitchen, very dirty little corners will not have more problems. With a simple maneuver to get anywhere.
Keep in mind that most have different accessories that will also allow them to clean curtains, blinds, upholstery and more places.

What is the best steam mop of 2016?

Now it’s time to choose, for that we are going to show below some offers that can not overlook since they guarantee the confidence of a deep cleansing, based on qualifications, brands, reviews and stores like Fnac and Amazon We present the best steam mop based on quality and very cheap price of the market in Spain.

Polti Vaporetto SV205

Steam broom 5 in 1 multi-surface Polti Vaporetto SV205 in a few movements becomes a perfect portable Vaporetto for daily cleaning: floors, windows, carpets, upholstery and floor tiles. The vapor of Vaporetto SV205 cleans and hygienizes without effort the whole house.


In the world triathlon calendar there is evidence really beautiful to contest for its participants, but if we have to highlight one of them, this is definitely the Ironman Pucon .Disputed in the south of Chile, its landscapes turn this test into a real luxury.The tour full is spectacular, especially highlighting the volcano Villarrubia .

Although part of the Ironman calendar, this test is traversed only half the usual distance . The first segment takes place in the Lake Villarica , where triathletes must complete a total of 1.9 km swim , ie  two full turns for its calm waters.

Then comes the turn for cycling: Participants must pedal a total of 90 km around the volcano and lake , certainly the part most beautiful travel . Finally, triathletes face the last part, which run through 21 km in which viewers are turning to greet them on their arrival.

Including the professional category, the Ironman Pucon has a total of 13 different categories depending on the age range for athletes of all ages can participate.

The last edition took place on January 10 and was a success . In total the participation exceeded the 1600 triathletes.The winners in the professional category were American Ben Collins in men ‘s and Chile ‘s Barbara Riveros in the female category .

The atmosphere of the city, the excellent landscape gardeners melbourne and tradition make the  Ironman Pucon become a very attractive event for all the great athletes onthe international scene. Therefore, from # 123acorrer we had to pay tribute to this amazing test.

Learn European beauty tricks

Wine, olive oil, green tea, aerated water, rhassoul called clay bring benefits for skin care.

Holidays are always an opportunity to live new experiences. However, in addition to meeting new people, landscapes and cities, it is also possible to learn other kinds of things around the globe, such as the beauty secrets of each country.

France: In the land of wine, women opt for the purposes of this drink on your skin. The benefits are due to resveratrol, present in the grapes, that acts on the aging process of the cells slowing it down.This allows the skin to look smooth for longer. In addition, resveratrol has a highly antioxidant effect, much higher than that of vitamin C. Antioxidants are something like skin watchers because they take care of negative effects of the environment such as UV rays and protect cells. In addition, these beauty products tones the skin thanks to its fruit acids.

Sweden and Norway: Everyone knows that the skin does good abundant fluid intake. However, in Sweden and Norway women have another application for water, especially when it comes to aerated mineral water: they consider it helps to improve the tired look of the skin and to relieve the swollen eyes.

Italy : In Italy, olive oil cold pressed not only put on the table, but also on the skin. Many women use it in areas where they need extra care, such as cracked lips or very dry hands. Cures with olive oil are especially effective when left to act overnight. To do this you have to put on cotton gloves after massaging your hands with warm oil. Olive oil is also used in the hair: you have to let it act for a quarter of an hour and then wash the hair. Its effectiveness is due to its content of linoleic acid, which together with other fatty acids present in the oil help the skin and dry hair to regenerate. In addition, it has a barrier function on the skin, that is, it helps to be protected.

Japan: Just as in some parts of the world a full mouth and large eyes are considered symbols of beauty, in Japan the ideal is in good skin. Green tea has a role in this. On the one hand, it contains many vitamins, minerals and trace elements. In addition, it is an efficient antioxidant and contains mineral salts that help maintain moisture in the skin. That is why green tea is also a component of many creams to combat cellulite.

Morocco: In the Atlas Mountains is a clay used for centuries as a method of beauty in the North African country: the rhassoul, pilaten. These fine particles of dirt eliminate the dirt, scales and fat of the skin, so rhassoul is one of the ideal substances to clean oily or mixed skin. In Morocco too argan oil is used a lot, especially in dry skins.

From Senegal to Ethiopia : The shea tree fruits host one of the biggest beauty secrets of the countries of Central Africa, Eastern and Western. With them shea butter is made, which contains vitamin E and allantoin, which calms and cures because it is similar to the composition of the skin. In addition, it contains antioxidants and has an anti-inflammatory effect. However, it has a small drawback: in it are sometimes traces of latex, which is due to the fact that there is natural latex in the fruit. This can cause problems in people with allergy to this substance.

We Will Equip The 5 Best Fryer Without Oil

In compliance with Article 22.2 of the Law and Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI) and in compliance with the European Directive 2009/136 / EC, Carrefour On-line informs you that This Web site accepts the use of cookies., I prefer a thousand times to eat some potatoes really less frequently than this we educate you finish, for my taste bazofiantes potatoes AGGGG painting meaner … Blandurrias and a half quemaduchas as When you put them in a bareto with the oil requemado and they know to fritanga, total rise.

During operation, the oil level must be kept between the maximum and the minimum indicated. So you can serve the best ingredients cooked in a peculiar way that shows that ingredients can be removed without sticking. In a similar format there are also the so called “water fryers” where the lower part has a water level looking for exactly the same criteria. Its cost and its exterior design do not show its quality, however, it is among the best in the market, if in terms of economy and quality we are going to fix.

In addition to extending its service life, a clean fryer will be more efficient, as it will spend less electricity. On the contrary, it improves, in taste, and in presentation, making everything healthier, and better presented. I am going to give a quick explanation about how an oil-free fryer works before moving on to presenting the best models I have found. You must be aware of the production of frituras that you need in your establishment, in order to acquire the appropriate industrial fryer.

It has capacity for two liters of content and its size is compact, so you do not have to worry about placing it in your kitchen, and in addition to this for its very elegant design will combine with the rest of the artifacts. So you should not allow this to be a limitation when purchasing one of these equipments and, best of all is that all your parts are capable of dishwasher. Philips was also well qualified, although the bucket located in the fryer makes cleaning difficult. Good frying oil should be very clear and free of ingredients that could start burning at higher temperatures.

For the general of mortals, the measure in the consumption of fats is better solution than the acquisition of a small household of a cost genre of apparatuses are those that end up being very useful when buying a birthday gift to that friend friend Cooks whom we no longer know how to give him (he will not get it, but surely there will be a brother-in-law who finishes giving it to him). Thank you, Mikel.Carlos, Vegetal … and such.

Oil: Unlike previous models, this Uses a lot of oil with what is not healthy under any concept. Semi-professional use – Power: 2000 W / SINGLE-PHASE – Oil capacity: 4 liters. When you leave the website without having made the purchase, the cart will be emptied automatically. Industrial fryers have a wide range of accessories and options.

The Philips HD9220 / 20 rating is based on one hundred three votes that give it a 4.3 out of 5. That is, a very good fryer without oil based on the opinion of MANY buyers. By heating the oil to an incessant temperature and immediately it is distributed better and provides a more homogenous cooking. This semi-professional Delonghi stainless steel fryer is an excellent product for a good price.

In addition to choosing the top ten cheap fryers, we will give you a number of tips on how to fry foods and what to take into consideration the moment we ask what deep fryer to buy. The translucent lids in the fryers add extra service, allowing you to monitor the condition of the frying pan without opening the lid, besides giving a beautiful appearance. Selling TEFAL fryer, SUPER COOLFRITEUSE is brand new but has no box, if you have papers with instructions. <Img class = "aligncenter" style = "display: block; margin-left: auto; margin-right: auto;" src = " " width = "401" /> 

Over time, this leaves us provide a better experience to prosper Content and facilitate its use. Effectively it is a fryer almost without oil by hot air, and the flavor can change. A fryer of three liters capacity with a modern design that will look great in your kitchen. And on the other hand will locate the fryer that costs the most among the 10 most popular fryers.

National Triathlon course, a mini presentation of our tool

It turns out that every year is celebrated in Madrid a classroom course to take the title of national triathlon coach Level 1 .

Last year we were there, making our tool known. But we did it quickly and without much time to prepare as we would have liked.

This year however we wanted to do well, with all of the law.

We wanted to bet on offer to all those coaches, trainers or future, something of value , not just empty advertising and that could fall on deaf ears.

We wanted to bring them things that llevasen some Train2Go, a bit of us that would make them best in their field .


It had occurred to us to bring more knowledge.

Bring one / several of our customers ( experienced coaches ) and to give their input and / or their view on the issues addressed by the school of coaches.Obviously, we would run with the cats of all this intendancy.

We were in talks and negotiations with the principal of coaches FETRI ( Javier Chavarren )

From here I thank him for his willingness to negotiate and carry out this collaboration, and finally because of the internal bureaucracy of the body, it was impossible to complete.

With that, seeing as this door was closed to us, we had to improvise, because again the time was on us.


As during the weekend, Friday evening, all day Saturday and Sunday morning progressed, we think of the possibility of offering a dinner-skewer-talk relax on Saturday to leave the course, to give a respite to all and create an environment where they could relax and distend , after a long day of class.

Obviously, at that dinner-skewer-cocktail (every time I stick more lol names) there would be a mini presentation of our tool , since after 8 hours of class, if we are more than 15 minutes talking, just kill us.


Said and done, we started to organize the “tinglao”.

Book the site, hire catering, reserve resources such as a projector thanks to, waiters, INEF staff extra hours, relevant invitations for coaches …

Lots of things to make sure everything went well. We got it , we arrived on time .

The weekend arrived and we left for Madrid.

No problem on our way, in fact, it was a pleasure to premiere my new car (I had to change it because I’ll be a double parent !!)

So we planted Saturday at 8.15 at the door of the classrooms of Inef, to make them reach each and every one of the attendees to the course, our invitation to the event.

In this invitation there were:

1.- an envelope with all our information

About Train2Go

2 .- the invitation itself where the event was explained and asked for confirmation, and the menu of said cocktail.

Train2Go Invitation

Well, once all the invitations were distributed satisfactorily, all that was left was to wait.

That itself a long wait from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. where we hoped somehow, and the experience of last year, have some interaction with these coaches and generate some kind of curiosity .


Based on the experience of the previous year, we put ourselves in the rest of the course at the tables of Inef, with our laptops deployed ready to teach the platform to the curious who could not resist until 21pm.

The first on the forehead, no one approached.

We shook off the dust and told ourselves, “nha will not have had time to read the triptych, they were in class …”

Two other long hours until noon go out to class, and we could have another interaction, waiting for us with certainty.

And the time came, I used to go to eat. Because we had a fellow club among students ( Nacho Castro ), we could again have another contact with our target audience.

In no time we wanted to be heavy , or invasive. We just wanted to be there, in person, just in case someone was curious, be prepared.

Second on the forehead, none of the 10 with whom we went to eat, showed neither the slightest interest.

With this background, we decided not to approach the afternoon there until 1830 or so, it was when they arrived the the  catering . As I had mentioned earlier, in the invitation itself, kindly we asked for a confirmation by email, or by whatsapp.

THIRD ON THE FRONT. At 18:30 I checked the email, and we had not received ONE SINGLE confirmation.

This killed me, as the song Meccano .

At that time, I got the diarrhea .


Had he eaten something in poor condition?

No, gentlemen.

It was literally scared shitless to see that the possibility of having spent 1500 € in an event in which there would be more waiters attendees , was very, very real.

Totally out of my comfort zone devoted myself to try to concentrate on the presentation, which were all well organized, and everything that was in my hand, give the size.

So I did and it worked for me.

I got to be person the two hours I was missing.

Moreover, I got to tell myself that the success or complete failure of the event,depend on that cast forth “webos” and I may plant in the exit stairs, trying to convince one by one the coaches there were dating.

It was already 21, time to leave.

I concentrate and I throw “webos”.

I was going to face melee 60 people , and above all, the possible rejection in my own face , that the effort that had been doing for weeks, could go to hell.

Begin to drop and begin to address them , this time if being invasive , it was all or nothing.

One after another they give me long .

I can not collapse.

There are still 40 to go down.

20 have left without even giving me time to assimilate it.

The idea of having to carry 1500 € food to a soup kitchen round my head for a moment.

Without time to react I follow my own.

I speak one by one with all of them, few seconds.

I succeeded in convincing a small group!

Well, let’s not be alone!

Keep going down.

I keep talking.

Some hesitate.

Wonderful time to bring to light my few commercial skills that I have been forced to develop seen the panorama.

I also convinced .

I hope they have all gone down.

While Luis , giving the face and aguantándolos there while I filled the maximum quota.

Teamwork, as always.

In the end we got 25/60 !

Given the circumstances, a success!

If you tell me at 8:15 am, I would not have signed it.

At 20.59, he had signed with blood …

From this moment on, little to tell. Everything was on wheels. I was able to relax and enjoy. Enjoy it very much.


See 25 people,  after  8 hours of class, you have full  attention  to what you are telling them, and  after  yet another hour stay, to share this time with you, very very nice chats, priceless .

From here, if you’re one of those 25 (because some are already using the tool ) I thank infinite thanks . Because the truth the feedback  was  very positive.

So finally everything went well.

But those 12 hours of stress nearly knock me out.

Perhaps to some this story you may be exaggerated , but I promise that I lived so.

Another  lesson  vital that gives me Train2Go, and give it for granted, has made me better professional.

All sum, and in adverse circumstances, double sum.